Do you have paid professional experience that could be recognized in the construction industry? You should know that you could obtain a competency certificate and have access to construction sites.

Are you looking for new career opportunities?

Your professional experience could be recognized to allow you to work in the construction industry.

You could benefit from:
Good job prospects
Competitive wages
Advantageous social benefits
Criteria have been established to recognize the work experience of all people 16 years old and older. See if you're eligible to obtain your competency certificate.

If you hold a Red Seal designation, you should visit ccq.org instead.
(About 5 minutes)
(About 5 minutes)

Your recognized experience

All people 16 years old or older who submit a relevant record for recognition of paid professional experience, acquired outside of construction sites, may obtain a competency certificate and have access to the industry.

You don't have any experience right now? Discover the construction trades and the different training courses available for accessing the industry.

Your future trade

Recognition of your experience could lead you to practice one of the following trades:

Would you like to practise one of these trades on a construction site? Answer the questionnaire to see if you're eligible.
Fill out the questionnaire

Are you a guidance counselor and would like more information?

Partners of the Commission de la construction du Québec

Employer associations
Union associations

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